Awesome Neon LED Light Up Sun-Glasses

Super Cool Re-Chargeable Neon LED Frame Glow Glasses. Comes in a black frame with your choice of 10 different colored LED glow options.

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1.DC 3V 2AA 5# battery controlled 
2.Easy to wear
3.Lighting sunglasses can be used on any Occasional such as Rave     parties,Discos,Clubs,Haloween,Birsthdays,Festivals,Bar ,Wedding and Events.
4.Can be used on both Indoor&Outdoor Night Show&Activities.
5.The best is can use for any age group like kids(More than 8 years old),Adults,Men/Ladies.
6.Selling point: whole body lighting,No radiation,no ultraviolet ray and do not dazzling.
7.With three lighting Models: Steady on,slow flash,Fast flash.
8.Powered by 3V AA battery case inverter.
Colors available:
Frame color: Black
10 Lighting color:Blueice bluered,pinkpurpleyelloworangewhitegreenlemon green.
Packing included:
1x el glasses(Lighting colors please let us know,or we will send ramdom color for you)
1x Battery case inverter
$ 13.95
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