Help Us With Our $100,000 Charity Challenge!!!'s $100000 charity challenge's $100,00 Charity Challenge

We are up to some BIG things here at  - HUGE in fact! We have decided to pay it forward.

We're launching our $100,000 Charity Challenge! - How? A portion of every sale goes to charity.

In full transparency, we are not a non-profit business. We are a for profit business, looking to impact amazing causes and the people who benefit from them.

What kind of charities? We aim to provide assistance for (child) homelessness, children's hospitals, education and animal rescue organizations.

Now, it would be amazing to be able to do this in 90 days - YEAH! But, regardless of time... we realize the long term aspects of giving to amazing causes.

To be perfectly clear - We want to make some money too - No Doubt! We just feel like that we can give and receive at the same time!

So, I challenge you and thank you in advance if you can help us with this challenge.

Be sure to shop, like our page and posts; as this is a sure way to see how we're doing and progressing with our challenge. Shop our store (you can click the shop now button above) and like our page & posts, tag & us to Strike Envy against hunger, homelessness, poverty and illness. With your help we can do some amazing things for some great causes!

Thanks, the good folks @

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